Lesson I – QuickBooks Products, Prepare to Use QuickBooks, Set Up New Company File
Step 1: QuickBooks Products
Step 2: Prepare to Use QuickBooks
Step 3: Set up a New Company File

Lesson II - Identify QuickBooks Window, Set Preferences, Add Items
Step 1: Identify QuickBooks Window
Step 2: Edit Company Information
Step 3: Close and Open Company File
Step 4: Set Preferences –Activate and Deactive Defaults
Step 5 Set Up Sales Tax
Step 6: Add Items

Lesson III - Chart of Accounts, Checking Account, Move between Accounts, Cash, Subaccounts, Credit Cards
Step 1: Chart of Accounts
Step 2: Checking Account
Step 3: Moving Balances between Accounts
Step 4: Cash Accounts
Step 5: Sub Accounts
Step 6: Credit Card Account

Lesson IV - Vendors, Enter Bills, Accounts Payable, Pay Bill, Write Checks, Print Later, Reminders
Step 1: Vendor Center
Step 2: Enter Bills
Step 3: Accounts Payable Account
Step 4: Pay Bills
Step 5: Write Checks
Step 6: Print Later and Reminders Windows
Step 7: Record ATM, Debit, EFT, and PayPal Payments:

Lesson V - Customer Center, Undeposited Funds, Customer Message
Step 1: Customer Center
Step 2: Undeposited Fund
Step 3: Customer Message

Lesson VI – Enter Sales Receipts, Create Invoices, Accounts Receivable, Receive Payment, Find, Delete, Void
Step 1: Enter Sales Receipts
Step 2: Create Invoices
Step 3: Accounts Receivable Account
Step 4: Receive Payments
Step 5: Find, Delete, & Void

Lesson VII Make Deposits, Pay Sales Tax, Reconcile Bank Statement and Credit Card
Step 1: Make Deposits 34
Step 2: Pay Monthly Sales Tax Due on Products Sold
Step 3: Reconcile Bank Statement
Step 4: Reconcile Credit Card Account

Lesson VIII Reports, Customize & Memorize Reports, Filters
Step 1: Reports in List Windows
Step 2: Reports in Customer Center, Vendor Center, Report Center
Step 3: Customize and Memorize Reports
Step 4: Filters

Lesson IX File Compatibility, Backup, Restore
Step 1: File Compatibility between QuickBooks Desktop Products, Versions, and Editions
Step 2: Backup Company File
Step 3: Restore Company File

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