Table of Contents
Microsoft Outlook Edition 2016

Lesson I Navigating the Microsoft Outlook Program
Step 1: Open the Outlook Program
Step 2: Customize the Outlook Today View
Step 3: The Title Bar and Quick Access Toolbar
Step 4: The Ribbon
Step 5: Options Dialog Box
Step 6: Navigation Options and Pane

Lesson II Folders
Step 7: Folders View
Step 8: Create New Folders

Lesson III Notes
Step 9: Notes View
Step 10: Copy, Move, or Delete Notes

Lesson IV People / Contacts
Step 11: People View
Step 12: Add New Contacts
Step 13: Contact Group
Step 14: Move Contacts into Other Folders
Step 15: Print Contacts List
Step 16: Categories
Step 17: Flag for Follow-Up

Lesson V Tasks

Step 18: To-Do List
Step 19: Tasks
Step 20: Assign a Task via E-Mail

Lesson VI Calendar
Step 21: Calendar and Date Navigator Calendar View
Step 22: Shared Calendars
Step 23: Appointments
Step 24: Events
Step 25: View all Appointments, Events, and Recurring Appointments
Step 26: Print

Lesson VII Email

Step 27: Mail View
Step 28: Email Options
Step 29: Compose a Message
Step 30: Read, Reply, Forward, Print, and Delete Messages
Step 31: Create New Email Folder
Step 32: Move Email Messages
Step 33: Meeting Request Scheduling
Step 34: Configure Outlook in Windows

Lesson VIII Backup Folders
Step 35: Export Folder to an External Device
Step 36: Import Folder to a Remote Computer

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