Table of Contents
Microsoft Access Database

Lesson I The Screen View, Help, Open and Close Database
Step 1: Create a New Folder
Step 2: Open the Access Program
Step 3: Save a Blank Database
Step 4: Help
Step 5: The Screen View
Step 6: The Office Button and Access Options
Step 7: The Quick Access Toolbar
Step 8: Close and Open an Existing Database File
Step 9: The Ribbon
Step 10: The Navigation Pane

Lesson II - Tables
Step 11: Design a Table in Design View
Step 12: Field Names and Data Type
Step 13: Primary Key
Step 14: Field Properties
Step 15: Cut, Paste, Insert, & Delete Rows
Step 16: Add Records to Table in Datasheet View
Step 17: Create a List in Lookup Wizard
Step 18: Create an Orders Table
Lesson III - Forms, Subforms, and Relationships
Step 19: Create Forms in Design View
Step 20: Auto Format
Step 21: Form Header
Step 22: Add Image to Form Header
Step 23: Add Label to Form Header
Step 24: Add Text Box to Form Header
Step 25: Add Date Expression to Textbox
Step 26: Detail Section
Step 27: Tabular, Stacked, and Remove Layout
Step 28: Tab Order
Step 29: Add New Record in Forms View
Step 30: Add New Fields to the Table
Step 30: Add New Fields to the Table
Step 31: Add New Fields to the Form
Step 32: Relationships
Step 33: Add a Subform to the Form
Step 34: Add Controls and Using the Property Sheet
Step: 35 Align, Size, and Position the Controls in a Group
Step 36: Add Data to Exiting Records

Lesson IV - Queries
Step 37: Create Query in Design View
Step 38: Run Query in Datasheet View
Step 39: Create a Pattern Match Query
Step 40: Non-Matching Query
Step 41: List-of-Values Match Query
Step 42: Using Or Operator
Step 43: Create Mailing Labels

Lesson V - Reports
Step 44: Create a Report
Step 45: Sorting and Grouping
Step 46: Print Preview and Print
Lesson VI Backup and Templates
Step 47: Backup Database
Step 48: Templates

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