Table of Contents
Web Page Design and Search Engine Optimization

Lesson I - Getting Started
Step 1: Put your Ideas on Paper
Step 2: Create a New Folder for your Web Pages
Step 3: Open and Save XHTML Templates
Step 4: Open Notepad
Step 5: Save the Index Page
Step 6: What Does it all Mean?

Lesson II - Keywords in the Head
Step 7: Inside the Head Tag - Title and Meta Tags
Step 8: Open the Browser and Notepad
Step 9: Style Tag
Step 10: Save Notepad & Refresh Browser
Step 11: Horizontal Rule
Step 12: Add a Background Image

Lesson III The Body of the Web
Step 13: Add Keywords to Image Tag
Step 14: Single Line Break
Step 15: Add Keywords to Header Tag
Step 16: Paragraphs, Space, and Indent Tags
Step 17: Add Keywords to Inline Formatting Tags
Step 18: Add Keyword to your File Name and Hyperlinks
Step 19: Anchor Text
Step 20: Format the Hyperlink Tag in Styles
Step 21: All Rights Reserved Tags
Step 22: Create a Site Map
Step 23: Create Cascading Style Sheets

Lesson IV Table Tags and Form Tags
Step 24: Products Page
Step 25: Merchant Accounts
Step 26: Create the Order Form Page

Lesson V Uploading, Domain Names, and Hosting
Step 27: Internet Service Providers (ISP)
Step 28: Buy a Unique Domain Name
Step 29: Web Servers/Host
Step 30: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Step 31: Registering with Search Engines
Step 32: Find Industry Specific Web Sites
Step 33: Write your Own Advertisements

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