Table of Contents

Intuit QuickBooks - Payroll from Scratch

Lesson I - Payroll Options, Calculate Taxes Manually, Set Preferences, Payroll Checking
Step 1: Open Your QuickBooks File
Step 2: QuickBooks Payroll Services
Step 3: Manually Calculate Taxes
Step 4: Payroll & Employees Preferences
Step 5: Create Payroll Checking Account

Lesson II Create Accounts for Taxes in the Chart of Accounts and Vendor Center
Step 6: Federal and State Taxes
Step 7: Create Payroll Liability Accounts
Step 8: Create Payroll Expense Accounts
Step 9: Create Federal and State Vendor Accounts

Lesson III Payroll Item List
Step 10: Payroll Item List

Lesson IV Employees Defaults, Add Employees, Pay Employees, Print Paycheck
Step 11: Employee Defaults
Step 12: Add Employee
Step 13: Pay Employees
Step 14: Print Paycheck

Lesson V Pay Liabilities, Payroll Reports, Payroll Forms
Step 15: Pay Liabilities
Step 16: Payroll Reports and Payroll Forms

Lesson VI Tracking Independent Contractors and 1099s
Step 17: Set Up Independent Contractor

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